Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

The published case studies provided are intended to provide a range of examples for you to see experimental design, analysis and presentation of data, and communication of ideas. Papers will have different primary audiences and the style and format of the papers reflect this.


Is resolution the solution? : the effect of taxonomic resolution on the calculated properties of three stream food webs . FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 44(3):413-422, July 2000 Ross M.Thompson and Colin R.Townsend Department of Zoology, University of Otago

Overview of Water Quality Assessment Biological Sampling Program - King County USA John Strand, Sydney Munger, and Jim Simmonds Scott Mickelson Charlie Wisdom John Toll Peter Striplin

A Conceptual Model for Environmental Monitoring of a Marine System Developed for the Puget Sound Ambient Monitoring Program J. Newton T. Mumford J. Dohrmann J. West R. Llanso H. Berry S. Redman

Swan-Canning Cleanup Program The Derivation of Percentile Quality Criteria for the Swan-Canning Estuary A Binomial Approach Robert Donohue and Emma van Looij Swan River Trust Report August 2001

Urban stream rehabilitation through a decision-making framework to identify degrading processes and prioritize management actions Christopher J. Walsh and Peter F. Breen 1 Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology, Monash University,

Association Between Biological Communities And Physical Variables On Victorian Rocky Reefs Matt Edmunds Scott S. Chidgey Simon T. Willcox

Surface Water Quality Assessment of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment 1995-1999 Data Information Report NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation

Exploratory Data Analysis in Water Quality Monitoring Systems MSc Thesis Ruurd Maasdam

Environmental Health

Catchment Phosphorus Sources and Algal Blooms? An Interpretative Review

Gippsland Lakes Environmental Study Assessing Options for Improving Water Quality and Ecological Function Final Report November 2001 Prepared for the Gippsland Coastal Board Authors: Ian T. Webster1, John S. Parslow2, Rodger B. Grayson3, Robert P. Molloy4, John Andrewartha2, Pavel Sakov2, Kim Seong Tan3, Stephen J. Walker and Brett B. Wallace1.

Environmental Health Of Streams In The Maribyrnong River Catchment Authors: Tanya A. Rankin And Nina M.F. Bate

Quantifying Nutrient - Algae Relationships in Freshwater Systems Outcomes of a Workshop held at Monash University on the 8th August 2000

Environmental Health Of Streams In The Yarra River Catchment 2000 Tim Bessell-Browne, Freshwater Sciences, Environment Protection Authority

Cayuga Lake Water Quality Monitoring, Related to the LSC Facility: 1999 Upstate Freshwater Institute Box 506 Syracuse, NY 13214

Strategic water quality monitoring for drinking water safety (2007) Authors S. Rizak and S. Hrudy

Non-Point source treatment

Towards A Better Understanding Of Sustainable Lot Density? Evidence From Five Australian Case Studies J H Whitehead, P M Geary and M Saunders School of Geosciences, The University of Newcastle

Effects of Urbanization on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities in Streams, Anchorage, Alaska USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 01-4278

Techniques For Tracking, Evaluating, And Reporting The Implementation Of Nonpoint Source Control Measures EPA Environmental Protection (4503F) January 2001

Urban stormwater and the ecology of streams Walsh, C.J., Leonard, A.W., Ladson, A.R. and Fletcher, T.D. (2004) Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology and Cooperative Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology, Canberra.

Pollution studies

Protocol For Investigating And Reporting Fish Kills Protocol For Investigating And Reporting Fish Kills NSW Fisheries

Indicator Development for Estuaries This document contains information on Planning the Program, Conceptual Model Development, and Indicator Specification for the Indicator Development for Estuaries report. EPA-842-B-07-004. The remainder of the document can be downloaded from: http://www.epa.gov/owow/estuaries/indicators/

A Practical Protocol To Assess Impacts Of Unplanned Disturbance: A Case Study In Tuggerah Lakes Estuary, NSW A. J. Underwood1, M. G. Chapman1 and D. E. Roberts

Establishing the true environmental impact of a spill 2002 A.J. Underwood

Fish Kills In NSW Allan Lugg, Senior Conservation Manager Office of Conservation Nowra

Published Reports for the Community

The Catchments Remediation Capital Works Program Annual Performance Report 2006/2007 Hornsby Shire Council

Water Quality Monitoring Program Annual Report 2007-2008/i] Hornsby Shire Council

River Estuary Report Card 2001 Moreton Bay Report Card 2001

Annual Technical Report: Supporting Data for the Moreton Bay and River Estuaries 2000 Report Card . Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program. Grice, A., Holland, I., Jones, A., Moss, A., Pantus, F., Wruck, D., Toscas, P., Taranto, T., Udy, N., Dennison, W.C. 2000

Modelling the Gippsland Lakes: Why? and How? Gippsland Lakes Environmental Study - Fact Sheet No. 1

Estimating nutrient loads to the Lakes: How? Gippsland Lakes Environmental Study - Fact Sheet No. 2


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