Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Implementation has a number of components:

Ensuring safety
Implementing OHS

Risk assessment

OHS/Safe work statements (Template)
Site selection/access

Waterwatch safety guidelines

Standard operating procedures
Ensure standardised protocols so methods and processes are reproducible and changes in staff do not effect data collection and quality
Guidance for preparing SOPs

Ensuring reliable data handling
Ensure staff knows how the data will be used and what are the critical parameters so they focus on what is important
Use standardised sheets and recording methods
Undertake QA/QC checks
Data confidence VIC - June 2000

Equipment (use/calibration/maintenance)
Data handling
Feedback on data interpretation (Ensure staff understand what they are doing in relation to objectives and improve understanding of process and what they are "looking at")

Using volunteers
Understand the levels of expertise and commitment that can be expected
Respect volunteers and what they can bring
Don't expect volunteers to use inferior equipment/resources and then complain that volunteers can't do the work
Keep them involved with feedback on the results of the monitoring and inform about what is happening and how their contribution helps
QAPP volunteers guide


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