This site promotes sustainable environment management through an improved understanding of monitoring and good decision-making.

To do this it covers all aspects of the principles of monitoring and reporting while emphasising the way the “problem” is understood and the factors that make a “good” design. Spending time on the design up front is a valuable investment. This can be daunting at first but provides opportunities to establish working relations with others and improved understanding of the environment and what you can and want to do to manage it. Useful references and guidelines are provided for further reading.


The site is primarily targeted to local government staffs, who have a diverse range of skills and experience, and as such the site will, we hope, be useful to anyone interested in better management and environmental outcomes, including volunteers, community members, and students.

The Sydney Coastal Councils Group believes that monitoring is integral to management, and that bringing together others with a common interest to look holistically at problem definition, program design, program outcomes, data management and analysis, and reporting, will improve the likelihood of good decisions leading to improved environmental outcomes.


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