Over the past few years, we have seen a rapid change in our environment, which is majorly due to human interference. This changing environment is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It is important that the people are looking into ways to help solve this crisis. Here are the environmental issues one should be aware of.

Public Health

Many think that the issues that we face today are tied to the pollution and scarcity of water. Nearly one out of every four deaths is caused directly caused by unhealthy environments. The growing anti-vaccination movements threaten public health, which can cause the resurgence of other eradicated diseases. Without water, humans cannot survive, and polluted waters are a huge threat to life. It can easily carry any airborne diseases and chemicals, which can result in a decline in people’s health.

Climate Change

Climate change is still a debate that continues to become a subject of more research but to no success. Climate change is happening, and over 97% of scientists believe that one of the main reasons for this is the rising global temperature. The rising temperature causes the ice caps to melt, droughts, wildfire, and other natural phenomena. Greenhouse gasses are leading the cause of climate change. This is emitted from human populations, which can help impact habitats, agriculture, and oceans. The only way to reduce climate change is to build sustainability, which involves solar and wind energy—limiting waste and pollution, which help preserve the environment.

Ecosystem and endangered species

There are a lot of environmental issues which is causing a loss in the ecosystems and species. It is said that one out of every ten plant and animal species will be extinct before 2050. The endangered species list continues to grow, and with the ecosystem continuing to grow, we can see a decrease and loss in their habitat. The rising temperatures and the melting ice has eliminated the habitat of the polar bears. There are many habitats that are trying to preserve what is left to help combat the issues.



15% of greenhouse gases emission can come from deforestation. By 2030, it is estimated that only 1% of our rain forest will be left. Cutting down the wood and wood pulp has led to more than 70% of the plants and animal species to disappear. Ecosystems have died due to the continuous climate change. The trees produce less oxygen and can easily absorb the carbon. The greed for lumber and land has led the people to cut down the trees. It is important that we start to preserve the remaining trees before and adopt one tree method before cutting down another.


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