Before we dig into the details for the qualifications of an anvironmental scientist or an environmental monitor, it is essential to know the meaning of the role. An environmental monitor is responsible to collect the samples from different departments or sectors of the environment like the soil, water and also and also check the biodiversity of a region.

They play a very important role in the issues regarding environment for the publics’ as well as the environment’s best interest. This means the qualifications required for the role are based on the environment and their studies. Regardless of their education background, potential scientists and environmental monitors should be willing to work enthusiastically in fields and outskirts as well. Their work demands them to be working either with government bodies or even individual and freelance scientists and monitors.

 Average salary of an environmental monitor

 Average salary

According to the reports, as of 2015, the average salaray for an average environmental motion is $43,030. If we happen to break this own based on employment services, then the highest pay is from the local government which was at $45,720 and that from engineering organizations was $43,930. The lowest salary was from the research labs- both private and public with an average of $37,010.

 Educational requirements

  • At the minimum of the fresher levels, at leasta bachelor’s degree is require for most of the roles, especially for the field work and sampling ·
  • Candidates with a degree in environmental science, life sciences, biology and chemistry will have an upper hand on the job.
  • Anything other than field works will require a post-graduation degree.
  • Analytical jobs demands for strong mathematics skills, specializing in statistics.
  • For candidates that are planning to run their own research, a doctoratedegree is necessary

Demand for environmental monitors


According to certain researches, the demand for the role of an environmental monitor is expected to rise at the rate of 9% between 2014 to 2024, which is slightly higher than the national employment roles which is about 7%. As there is a greater increase in the harmful effects on the environment as well as the humans due to the drastic climatic changes or crisis, the need for these environmental monitor jobs are at a greater demand in the recent years. However, as the situation gets worse, the industry or the sector might need more experienced professionals in their field to create greater diversities of opportunities and the ones with prior lab experience will be the most in demand jobs ,.


The scope of an environmental monitor is on the rise in the outlining years and the need to spread awareness about this field is of utmost importance at this point. The qualifications of the candidate depends on the role and will not necessarily ask for a higher than bachelor’s degree for a beginner.


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