It is no secret that our marine life is dying due to human neglect. We have already seen the extinction of over 100 species on a yearly basis and still continue our own ways. But, with the understanding of the things that we are doing to our environment, we can see that there is a lot of ways you can stop the destruction of marine environment from happening.

Reduce your carbon footprint

If you want to see a reduction in the effects of the climate changes on the oceans, one way to do so is by leaving your car at home. This is one of the few things that you can start now. Start doing simple things like switching to fluorescent lights, taking stairs, and using fans than AC and thermostat.

Sustainable seafood choices

Sustainable seafood choices

We can see that in the past few years, the global fish populations are rapidly depleting due to the demand, loss of habitat, and fishing practices. This can be stopped by reducing the overexploitation of the species to use them as food and making healthier and sustainable choices.

Reduce plastic products

Plastics that end up in the oceans are debris that can contribute to habitat destruction. It can also entangle and kill thousands of marine mammals. Make sure that you are trying to limit your impact and try to carry a reusable water bottle, reusable bag, and recycle whenever possible. It is also advisable to be familiar and knowledgeable on how to read the recycling symbols Australia. This will let us help save the mother earth considering that plastics tend to destroy our environment.

Take care of the beach

If you are someone who loves to enjoy diving, surfing, and relaxing on the beach, it is important that you always clean up. Try to explore different ways to appreciate the oceans and enjoy the place without harming the wildlife. Give change to marine life to thrive and participate in local beach cleanups.

Do not purchase things that can exploit marine life

There are a few products like coral jewelry, tortoiseshell hair, and other accessories or shark products and obtained by harming marine life. It might not seem huge to you, but can have a significant impact on marine life.

Ocean friendly pet owner

Ocean friendly pet owner

If you are a pet owner, it is important that you are considering different ways that can lead you to enjoy a sustainable diet. One thing to do is never flush cat litter as it may harm the marine environment. Try to make sure that you avoid releasing aquarium fishes in the wild, as this is one of the main causes that non-native species are introduced in the water. This can easily harm the whole ecosystem of the place and lead to the extinction of a lot of different species, which becomes prey to the invasive species.


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